About Kelsea

How it all began...

Thank you for taking your time to browse photos of my current work! Before you continue I thought you might want to know a little bit about me as an artist. I started to learn the art of makeup in 2013. As a struggling college student, a temporary job at Sephora opened up and I graciously accepted. The thing is, what I thought was a temporary holiday job, turned into a deep passion for art, creativity, and escape. 

I always say I didn't find makeup, makeup found me.

I have accomplished a lot in just six years. Starting off at Sephora gave me the push I needed to be emerged in the beauty industry and learn the basics. As I became more confident in my skills more and more opportunities became available for me to grow and learn everyday. I began doing makeup for photo shoots and really taking this seriously in late 2016. Being able to be on set and watch models and photographers work gave me the edge I needed to create my visions. In January of 2019 I picked up a camera for the first time and emerged myself in the world of photography. Every photo teaches me something new and I am grateful for every photographer and model I was able to observe while working as a makeup artist. I wouldn't be the photographer I am today with out them.

 “Even the most famous artists started as an amateur”.

The Future

After being in Sephora for five years I made a transition to a more luxurious atmosphere and more freedom. In April 2017 I assisted in opening the first Bluemercury in Virginia Beach, VA. It has expanded my product knowledge and given me more freedom as an artist. Since then I have done bridal parties of 9+, makeup for fashion shows including 3 seasons of NYFW, Key Artist for 2  fashion shows, hundreds of photo shoots , published in multiple magazines, worked with celebrity clients, and over the years taught thousands of people the skills they want to learn. In November of 2018 I took a leap of faith and moved from my hometown of Virginia Beach, Va to the Dc area. Taking that jump was the best thing I could of ever done. I am so grateful for the opportunities that have opened up for me in the DMV area. Getting my camera was also a huge leap of faith for me and I'm so happy I did it. I enjoy being able to create my vision from start to finish. 

 Photography and makeup are a passion of mine and I hope to do it for the rest of my life.

 Feel free to leave reviews of your experiences, or contact me with questions. I hope to talk to you soon!



Published in Picton Magazine as Photographer 2019

Published in Fashion Shift Magazine as Makeup Artist 2018

Published in Promo Magazine as Makeup Artist 2018

Published in Feroce Magazine as Makeup Artist 2018

Published in Joli En Style Magazine as Makeup Artist 2018

Makeup Artist for Va Fashion Week Fall 2018

Makeup for Country Music star and WWE Multi-women’s Champion Mickie James

Key Artist for Town Center Fashion Show Fall 2018

Makeup Artist for ASC Productions for New York Fashion Week Fall 2018

Makeup Artist for Travian Fashion Show Fall 2018

Published In Just Breezies Mag as Makeup Artist 2018

Published in Imirage Magazine as Makeup Artist 2018

Published in PneuMag as Makeup Artist 2018

Key Artist for the Bevello Fashion Show Spring 2018

Makeup Artist at New York Fashion Week Couture Spring 2018

Makeup Artist for Le Masque NYE Fashion Show 2017 

Makeup Artist for Virginia Beach Town Center Fashion Show Fall 2017